Frequently Ask Questions

1. Rental Orders

We recommend you to place an order on our website
However, we also accept orders via

Phone : +1-778-872-0117 , +1-604-385-0370 ,

Email :

In Person : Unit 210, 19365
22nd Avenue, Surrey,
BC V3Z 3S6,

Definitely! To reserve an order, simply indicate the date you want to receive it and the day you want to send it back on the calendar of the checkout page/product page. The shopping cart will automatically calculate your rental and shipping prices. We will confirm your reservation by email. Rentals cannot end on Sunday (no shipping is available).

Please contact us, we might be able to accommodate or have a similar option that might work for you.

Yes, you can rent. However, we reserve the right to cancel your order if your information cannot be verified.

Your rental starts on the date you chose while reserving your rental from our website. You will receive the rental equipment one day before the rental start date so you can test it before you use it. Your rental ends on the date you ship the product back to us. For more information visit How it Works?

2. Verification

All orders placed are needed to go through with a verification. Therefore, the orders must be placed before 72hrs of the Rental ship date. The goal of this process it to make sure that no identify theft has taken place, and that the person placing the order is who they say they are.
For most customers, the information provided at this state is sufficient to approve their order. For some customers, we may email or call and ask for some additional information, or to get something clarified.
In case, our verification team doesn't have enough information to properly verify an order then we may ask for a deposit or Cancel the order, although this is rare.
Please Note : We only accept Canadian Drivers License, US Drivers License, Canadian Provincial ID and Passports for online ID verification.

3. Shipping

The outgoing shipment day varies based on several factors. We handle all of the logistics on our end to ensure your gear arrives one day prior to the day you specify.

We use FedEx and UPS to deliver you rentals to you in the finest condition.

Your rental will arrive at the FedEx ship center near you one day prior to the day you specify so you can test the product before you use it.

We want the package to be delivered safely and to the right person. So yes, Someone will need to be home to sign for the package.

Sadly, our shipments are limited to Canada only.

If you miss the delivery driver on your scheduled delivery date, two things can happen.
First, you can wait until the following business day when FedEx or UPS will attempt delivery again.
The second option is to pick up your package at the FedEx or UPS access point after they have made their first delivery attempt. Note that if you miss the delivery and you receive the rental equipment after the scheduled date, we are not liable for the delay and we will not refund the rental cost for the delayed rental period.

4. Pick-Up Order

Definitely, we’ll be happy to welcome you at our store to pick-up your order. Please select the option "Pick Up" when your are prompted to select the shipping method during checkout at

No, there is no shipping charges when you opt to pick up your order.

Yes, you can pick up your rental equipment from FedEx or UPS store. Please put the address of the FedEx / UPS access point in the Shipping Address or Contact us to find out the nearest FedEx / UPS Access Point.

5. Cancellations

Please contact us regarding your cancellation. We will make sure your cancellation is smooth & hassle free.

If you cancel your reservation one week prior to the scheduled rental period there will be no fee.
However, if you cancel your reservation approaching the reservation date (i.e. 1-6 business days before the reservation date), there will be a cancellation fee of 10% of the rental price. Please understand that the equipment on your reservation was not available to be rented out to another customer. In addition, there has been a considerable amount of labour in order to clean, check, and prepare the equipment. We understand that things happen, and shoots do get cancelled or postponed, so if you do need to cancel your order, please contact our customer support representatives so that your order does not get prepared, and we can have the equipment available to other customers.

In case of an early return, we will only charge you for the number of days you used the product. Please contact us regarding early returns and we will refund you for the number of days left on your rental period. We will issue your refund in the same way you made the original purchase. If the payment was made by a bank transfer, the refund bank transfer will be issued immediately after we receive the gear.

6. Payment & Insurance

We accept all American Express, VISA and MasterCard.

In almost all cases, no! We have a standard verification process which begins when you place an order. Occasionally, we don't have enough information to properly verify an order and we may ask for a deposit in those circumstances. In the same way, because of the high value of the equipment, we may ask for a deposit for certain items if you cannot secure independent insurance coverage.
If we decide a deposit is needed, we will let you know ASAP.

Your credit card will be charged when you place the order on our website.

Yes, for orders having a total replacement value above $7000, we ask you to obtain independent insurance. Occasionally, even if you don’t rent one of these items, we may ask you to obtain independent insurance.
We will need to have a certificate of insurance that covers rented production equipment for at least the replacement value of the items on your order. The certificate must name Movo Films INC as an additional loss payee. If you would wish to purchase a short term insurance, you may visit to obtain insurance.
We do this because, with high value items or large orders, our primary worry is that some of our equipment might be stolen from you on a busy set or shoot. With the high value of these items, the amount owed to us if it gets stolen is more than most people can pay out of pocket. The insurance gives us some measure of security that if the equipment disappears, we’ll be compensated.

That is great. We would need a proof of insurance. Just be sure that you’re actually covered for rental equipment.
Please understand that the nature of our business does not allow us to wait for insurance companies for payment. We will work directly with the renter to settle financial obligations immediately.

7. Return Gear

No. You only want to return gear to a staffed UPS or FedEx Location/Partner where you can get a receipt. Drop boxes may not adhere to the printed pickup schedule resulting in delays. Additionally, the drop boxes are not fully secure and may result in gear loss that you'll be responsible for.

This varies by FedEx and UPS Store timings.
Please check the store timings. The stores may close sooner on weekends. On weekdays, stores are usually open from 10 am - 4:30 pm.

No, you do not have to pay for returning the equipment. When we ship your gear we provide you with a Receipt of the rental and a Prepaid return shipping label. Cover the old shipping label with the Prepaid return shipping label and send it back to us free of cost.

Please contact us if you wish to extend your rental. We’ll be happy to assist you in extending you rental.

As long as we have stock we’re happy to extend your rental. Extensions are 10% off if requested on or before the ship-back date. If you wait until the order is overdue to request an extension, it will be charged our full rate.

Please note, this means that it will ALWAYS be cheaper to rent an item for 14 days rather than renting it for 7 days and then extending for another 7 days.

Example: If an item rents at $39 for 7 days and you request a 7-day extension before the end of the rental, the extension will cost $35.10. This means you will pay more ($74.10) than you would have if you had originally rented it for 14 days ($67).

We do this to encourage people to rent for the maximum length of time they may need an item, and then return it early for a refund rather than rent it for the minimum length of time they may need it. We do this because it helps us have a better idea of when an item will actually return from a rental so that we can accept future reservations for it.

We do this to encourage people to rent for the maximum length of time they may need an item, and then return it early for a refund rather than rent it for the minimum length of time they may need it. We do this because it helps us have a better idea of when an item will actually return from a rental so that we can accept future reservations for it.
If a renter selects the maximum length of time they may need an item, we can confidently accept a future reservation, knowing that the expected arrival date is actually the latest possible time the renter will send back the equipment. If instead, the equipment is rented for the minimum length of time the renter may need it, a situation could arise where they assume they can get an extension on the item, but we have already reserved it for another renter.

Don't worry at all! Just let us know via email or phone. We'll get an extension your way and help locate a nearby drop off location.

We will normally get a return reminder sent to you about a day before your rental ends. If you still forget or life gets in the way, we'll also send you an overdue notice if the order doesn't have active tracking. Specifically, if Fedex or UPS do not show tracking updates by 6 pm on the day it is supposed to ship back, it is considered late.

We strongly recommend making sure to grab and hold onto your drop off receipts. Most third party shippers will not provide a drop off receipt, so we do not recommend them for returns.

If you do not have a location near you, we’ll be happy to schedule a ground pickup for you via FedEx or UPS. You can also leave this request in the special instructions box at checkout!

On 4 day rentals, a late fee equal to 25% of the rental fee is charged for each day the lens is late, beginning with the first day overdue.

For rentals of 7 days or more, the late fee is assessed beginning on the second day overdue. If the late return of your lens causes us to have to ship a lens to a waiting customer by overnight delivery, you will additionally be charged the actual overnight delivery charge we had to pay. If at any time an extension is turned down and you do not contact us, we will have to turn your account over to collections.

The amount sent to collections is the retail cost of the items, plus our expenses in attempting to collect from you. At that point, if you send the equipment back, you will still owe the fees of the collection agency which are several hundred dollars. We cannot take it back, undo it, stop it or reverse it. Also, we will exhaust all civil and criminal remedies available in pursuing the matter

You have to return the equipment to a FedEx and UPS Store on the last day of you rental period.

8. Gear

Before & after every rental, we check each equipment for any visual defect, test the lens for focus and sharpness using specialised tools such as a lens test projector & lens test charts.

Because it is rental equipment and it is used vigorously, there might be some scuff marks or some wear & tear on the barrel of the lens. However, we make sure that the lenses and other equipment are functionally perfect before putting them back in service.

It depends on the product you are renting. Kindly visit the product page and look for the included tab for more details in the included accessories.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any accessory with your rental that is not already included.

9. Damage or Loss Events

Any major scratches or scuff marks on the glass or any other critical element of the equipment that may hamper with the functionality of the equipment is considered as damage. Minor scuff marks to the barrel or hood are considered normal wear & tear.

We hand-inspect, clean and test all our lenses after every rental. Despite the use of protective cases, sometimes accidents can happen during shipping or some defect might elude our superhuman techies. In the event of damage upon arrival, please notify us immediately. The sooner you can communicate any issues, the more options we’ll have in sourcing a replacement gear for you.

When an order is received with items missing, we’ll charge the card on file for the replacement cost of the lost item. We’ll send you an email to notify you of the missing items. If you are able to send the item back to us we will share a return label and not charge anything. Items are expected to be packed in a manner that ensures safe transit.
In the event that you have lost an item we would charge your credit card for the replacement value of the accessory.

Don’t worry, we won’t be mad, just let us know as soon as possible. Our contract states if the equipment is broken you are responsible either for replacing it or paying for repairs. If it is not repairable, we’ll charge you the replacement cost. We do not charge you rental fees while the lens is being repaired as long as you let us know about the damage before you send the lens back.
We consider damage to be any major scratches or scuff marks on the glass and impact damage to the body or the mechanicals.
For lenses, we include a safety filter to protect the front element.

Let us know about the lost or stolen equipment as soon as possible. We will assess the situation and take the appropriate action. You’ll need to provide us with a police report. If the equipment was lost, we may ask for other documentation including a statement of what happened. You will be liable for the replacement value of the equipment.
- If you carry your own third party business insurance please note that we expect the replacement value to be settled promptly by the responsible party. We will not work with your insurance company directly to settle claims.
- If you do not have any insurance, you will be liable for the Replacement Value of the Product.